Wordpress Shortcodes Creator

Unlimited potential in art of creation shortcodes!

Shortcode Mastery allows you to realize almost anything idea in few minutes... How it works?

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How it works?

Shortcode Mastery is a Wordpress Shortcodes Builder plugin which has a unique approach to creating useful pieces of code.

The main idea is to make the process of creating shortcodes as simple and intuitive as possible.

You can create, delete, list, import and export your brand new custom shortcodes that allows you to be independent of the current installation and migrate to another system with your shortcodes pack.

The creation process is divided into several blocks, each of which can be used independently depending on the task:

  • Parameters
  • Query
  • Loop
  • Markup
  • Scripts
  • Styles

Main Features

Some features are available in a Free version.

Awesome Query Builder


Build any kind of query with custom parameters in a user-friendly interface.

Twig Template Engine



Code everything you need to achieve the functionality you're doing.

Scripts and Styles


Embed inline and url scripts and styles in a right way.

Import and Export


Create packages of favorite and most used shortcodes.

TinyMCE Customizer



Customize your shortcodes with defined parameters easily.

Shortcodes Collection


Explore and collect featured shortcodes and useful examples.